O+I: The Practice

O+I: Context is Half the Work O+I: The Practice

O+I worked in a specific way in which a placement was negotiated as an open brief, i.e. no specific outcomes were expected by the commissioning organisation. Artists could then address issues independently of the hosts. Placements would ususally consist of an initial research phase in which a feasibility report was produced to signal the approaches the artist wanted to take. Then if agreed the placement was implemented over a long-term period with attendant social, econmic and cultural impacts.

The working practice was premised on 'context is half the work'. O+I explains this theory in the context of SERP:

'...take a context, area of activity or issue which is outside the art scene - in this instance education - and inject a number of professional artists to look, ask questions, work across departmental boundaries and apply their various abilities to a particular given situation. O+I introduces a new function that comes from art which, if applied in teh right way, is capable of opening up viewpoints and channels of communication across a range of disciplines and departments, in ways not necessarily apparent to reason and language logic alone.'