About O+I

O+I or 0+1 or Organisation & Imagination are the group of artists who created SERP. 

O+I began in the 1960s with a group of diversely original British artists, formerly known as the Artist Placement Group (APG). In the late 1980's the group changed their name to O+I as the idea of the artist placement had been appropriated widely - by the Arts Council, academic institutions and other bodies - but had diluted the founders' original approach and disregarded the potential of artists placement for producing long-term innovative change. Founders, Barbara Steveni and John Latham continued to operate as O+I until after his death in 2006. Barbara Steveni has taken a pivitol role in bothe APG and O+I which is often overshadowed by Latham. The theory, ideas and practice of APG/O+I continues through her work and the Incidental Person Unit. 

Here you can find out more about O+I's practice and theory.